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Smart Performance Strategies is a Baltimore based consulting firm that specializes in HR, leadership and organizational development solutions.


Smart Performance Strategies is a Baltimore based consulting firm that specializes in leadership, organizational development, and project management solutions. Here at SPS, we believe that every leader deserves a high performing organization with the right people in the right roles. We are personable, patient, and trusted advisors who serve as an unbiased sounding board for clients who need structure and strategic solutions to business challenges. SPS facilitates management transitions, defines and tightens organization and leadership structure, enhances team-building and manages project lifecycles for optimal performance.

The expert team of SPS professionals are dedicated to learning about your business, delivering honest feedback and bringing clarity, directness, and strategic thought to help you reach the summit of organizational performance.

Why we do what we do:

We believe business leaders deserve to have a high performing organization by having the right people in the right roles.

How our clients benefit?

Employees work from their strengths generating greater individual and group results. Teams accomplish goals and objectives of project initiatives. Leaders lead a high performing organization.

What we do?

Provide leaders with leadership strategies, a behavioral measurement tool, project management methodology and the HR expertise to build that high performing team.

Core Values

Our core values at SPS are part of our company DNA. They define what we stand for, highlighting an expected and ultimate set of behaviors and skills. Our values lie at the core of our culture, and they are fundamental, enduring, and actionable. At SPS, we believe in:

  • Quality: Our reputation of character resonates in our work detail.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable in our work and in how we respond to our clients.
  • Balance: We strive to create harmony in the workplace by having open dialogue and frank collaboration.
  • Team: Without each other, this doesn’t work. We encourage a strong support system.
  • Integrity: We partner with our clients to build strong relationships of trust and cooperation.
  • Fun: Enjoying what we do and creating a positive work environment shines through in our finished product.
  • Meeting Customer Expectations: A key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of our business strategy.
  • Collaboration: Partners come together to grow a business. By giving employees a better understanding of how the company operates at a higher level, we are better equipped to think strategically as a team.

Our employees work together, see how the other thinks, negotiates and operates, enabling them to enhance their own work or make improvements.

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Which Obstacles Are Holding You Back?

The best companies understand that sometimes it takes an external view to evaluate performance.

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