Testimonial 1:

Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, UMBC

Working with Smart Performances proved to be a fun yet insightful experience.  The team was easy to work with and crafted a process that was unique to our needs.  They were able to match our tasks to our talent; they brought persons together in a spirit of collaboration and teamwork; and they were successfully able to present personal information in a team setting in a very positive way that respected each participant’s personality traits.  I recommend them enthusiastically for anyone who is interested in working more effectively and more collaboratively.”

Dr. Lee

Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education

Testimonial 2:

Architectural Firm

Smart Performance Strategies helped us deal with the big, hairy, brutal facts. You gave me the courage and the ammunition to be the BOSS and get our employees on the same track as the firm.”

Founder and managing partner – SPS client since 2008


Testimonial 3:

National Equipment Servicing Company

As a CEO new to the company, I needed additional objective performance information to organize, manage and lead my team. Smart Performance Strategies provided the information that allowed me to communicate better with my field leadership than was previously the case.”

Company CEO


Testimonial 4:

Automotive Restoration Company

“We didn’t know what to do. We had an employee who caused internal issues from day one from severe absenteeism, to spreading negativity throughout the office, to a loss in production. How to handle that was of major concern to us as there were extenuating circumstances. SPS came in and led us through the process of uncovering the issues and dealing face-to-face with performance management and ultimately discipline procedures. While difficult at times, it was in the best interest of all concerned. We are operating at maximum speed now with increased production with employees who no longer have to deal with such a negative internal roadblock.”

Owner and Operator – 2012

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