Organizational Development

SPS Smart HRIn today’s increasingly competitive and challenging business environment, organizations need to function more effectively and efficiently than ever before in order to achieve their strategic goals. With that objective in mind, SPS offers Organization Development Services to help companies plan, structure, lead, and control resources in order to dramatically improve their chances for sustainable growth.

Initially, we work with the CEO to gain an understanding of the organization’s past and recent business results, its organizational structure, staff performance and future objectives, both near and long-term. To expand on that knowledge base we conduct a multi-tiered OD Audit that involves asking a series of questions to selected executives, supervisors, and front line employees. With this audit information we prepare a report designed to provide the CEO with organization-wide insights on goal alignment, communications, resource allocation, operational roadblocks, and, most importantly, business opportunities to name a few.

With this organizational assessment completed, SPS then works with the CEO’s designated team to develop plans and interventions that will address processes, systems and structures that need to be created or improved. Our goal is to create focus on the organization as a whole in order to collaboratively develop a more integrated, efficient and effective operating unit.

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Which Obstacles Are Holding You Back?

The best companies understand that sometimes it takes an external view to evaluate performance.

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