Why Project Management?

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Employing sound project management practices greatly increases the chances of accomplishing the goals and objectives of any initiative. Project management methodology fosters an understanding of the mission and enables teams to figure out exactly what it will take to accomplish it. By identifying tasks, resources, responsibilities and timelines, team members and stakeholders are better able to coordinate and execute on the work to be accomplished, ensuring that requirements are achieved, on-time and within budget. Conversely, not using this methodology may lead to unmet requirements, exceeded budget, missed deadlines, and stakeholder-customer dissatisfaction.

When is Project Management Needed? 

Whenever an organization faces a challenge and needs to create a unique product, service or result, project management should be considered. What operational aspects of your business need to be improved or fixed? Do you need to create a new service or product or build additional capabilities?

Here are some examples of strategic situations and considerations that can lead to project initiatives:


 Challenges of Internal Project Management

Many organizations understand the basic concept of project management but leaders typically assume that projects are just part of everyone’s regular job. Often, they don’t know what they don’t know about project discipline and the real-world practices needed to undertake and complete successful projects. So, before organizations consider pursuing project management as part of normal operations, they might do well to consider the following project due diligence questions:

  1. Do you have the organizational bandwidth to create focus and sustain the effort?
  2. Do you have a project leader who can devote the time, will not be distracted and will be able to act as an independent catalyst for action?
  3. Do you or your designated PM understand that there is a project management methodology that requires expertise and experience?
  4. Do you know about the analytical tools and methods that can be used to measure and evaluate best options, reduce risk and avoid “Rabbit Hole” inefficiencies?


If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, SPS can help by providing you with the project management bandwidth and expertise that you need to manage your project(s). SPS offers you the option of either leading and coordinating your projects directly or helping you to develop you own in-house project management capabilities through coaching and mentoring of your designated project leaders.

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