360 Feedback

360SPS uses the CheckPoint 360° System to assess leaders in your organization as they are viewed by certain groups of individuals who know and have had the opportunity to observe the manager in the work setting. This is accomplished by the collection of ratings from different sets of observers that include: Self (employee), Boss, Direct Reports to employee, and employee Peers.

Once completed, this valuable 360° feedback is reviewed with the rated manager so that they can gain insight on what they do best as well as understanding of potential improvement areas. Managers are then encouraged to develop personal action plans that can be voluntarily shared with their supervisor and key supporting co-workers.

There are 70 leadership behaviors presented as survey items. These 70 items are grouped into 18 Skill Sets which further group into 8 Universal Management Competencies. Each observer reports their experience of observing the manager by providing a rating in the following categories:

Listens to Others • Processes Information • Communicates Effectively

Instills Trust • Provides Direction • Delegates Responsibility

Adjusts to Circumstances • Thinks Creatively

Builds Personal Relationships • Facilitates Team Success

Task Management
Works Efficiently • Works Competently

Takes Action • Achieves Results

Development Of Others
Cultivates Individual Talents • Motivates Successfully

Personal Development
Displays Commitment • Seeks Improvement

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