Team Report

team reportThe Profile XT® assessment offers a great depth of behavioral information about each member of your team. This data becomes most meaningful and useful when it is applied to enhance compatibility among coworkers. That’s why SPS has developed a Team Report that delivers valuable information about how you and your team can work together to achieve its team and organizational goals. Once team members complete our comprehensive online assessment, the ProfileXT® Team Report will aggregate the data and map out your team’s characteristics scale by scale, providing you with the data you need to capitalize on both their similarities and their differences. The Team Report also provides you with detailed management suggestions, taking the guesswork out of how to manage your people individually and as a team.

The ProfileXT® Team Report evaluates 12 unique scales concerning the cognitive abilities and behavioral characteristics for each of your team members, ranking each scale in one of four areas of emphasis: Low, Moderate/Low, Moderate/High, or High. These scales include:


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The best companies understand that sometimes it takes an external view to evaluate performance.

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