Dr. Backstrom heads up SPS’s Emerging Leader Center. The ELC helps emerging leaders take on new challenges and succeed. Our high-value, high-impact three-month development program empowers clients with the tools and competencies they need to be effective in translating leadership vision into real world implementation.

This happens through improved and visible communication with leaders, teams and peers, nimble decision-making, adaptive problem-solving, and risk management. Dr. Backstrom teaches people how to access self-awareness and growth towards goal attainment, through development of critical ‘soft’ skills. She helps clients advance in their career paths through positive psychology, improved self-management, confidence, strategic thinking, collaboration with others, personal resilience, and assertiveness.


Kristin typically works with directors, managers, division heads, and other pre-C-Suite executives in a customized and individual process to define objectives and desired goals and outcomes. Once the objectives are defined with supervisor’s input she will begin a three-month program utilizing the following tools:

  • Focus Groups to obtain individual and manager input on desired goals/outcomes to be achieved
  • Appropriate tool(s) such as EQ-I 2.0, PXT Select, Leadership Report, and 360 Feedback to gather specific applicable data
  • Design and facilitate participation in a 3-month program to meet individual’s goals through sessions focused on challenges and opportunities, monthly accountability, and regular feedback to the individual and manager with session value statements
  • ‘Vistage-style’ monthly roundtables for emerging leaders to continue the growth curve and acquisition of necessary business skills