Smart Leadership



We use a university approach to team learning in workshop format topics that include decision making, effective communications, providing feedback, assessing emotional intelligence, creating a vision, ensuring results, being approachable, developing strategies, inspiring people, and mentoring others designed with an interactive component for practical application.

With careful listening to understand, we design and execute customized strategies to build leaders and teams. We develop rising key executives through initial assessments, creating individualized programs to install key competencies, and building employee engagement through targeted teamwork.

We can work at multiple leadership levels simultaneously or in sequence. However, typically we start with the organization’s leader to arrive at the scope of work determined, we then assign the SPS roles accordingly.

Our Approach

Because the development of leadership is a journey of development which focuses on the individual as he or she relates to their respective groups and how the group responds, we like to think of ourselves more as the trusted guides sharing in the journey to goal achievement rather than simply individual coaches.

Our mission of developing Smart Performance Strategies for goal achievement and our respective roles of trusted advisors in guiding organizations and their suite of leaders to a defined summit is reflected in our logo.

Your Investment

Our fee structure is project based. Meaning, it is our responsibility to manage the time in the agreed upon project effectively. It is SPS’s responsibility, if we have underestimated the time or materials of the agreed upon project.

If at any time there is a need to modify the scope of the project, we will provide a change order for you and any related work will commence after an agreed upon fee has been reached. After the project, with any applied change order, is considered complete, we can continue support as needed on a project or on retainer basis.

We are pleased that you are considering us to be your guides to leadership and organizational goal achievement and look forward to working with you.