Check Your Gear– First Quarter Review

  You take a deep breath and feel the wind in your face and the sound of your team calling out directions, giving their input on how to tackle the current climb. Moving your hands and feet in perfect harmony, you glance down and notice your ropes have too much slack and your gear is […]

How to Get Lucky

You wake up for early morning shifts, run through meetings, pitch new ideas weekly, and yet you find yourself never progressing. It is as if you are running on a treadmill at full speed and after putting much effort into taking strides forward, you rest stationary. Are you not meeting the right people? Doing the […]

The Collaborative Edge: Why It Works In Your Favor

Is your company or organization one that stresses the importance of collaborative efforts, teamwork, or simply establishing a culture of trust and relationship-building? If so, you’re on the right track; organizations often have untapped potential at their fingertips; given the globalization of business as a whole, there is an overarching shift away from the cutthroat […]

Millennial Employees Are Driving Changes in HR Practices

A new wave of employees, one known to be the most virtually connected, team-oriented, and technologically savvy working generation yet, are now entering the workforce at increasing rates. By the year 2025, this millennial generation will comprise of about 75 percent of the labor force, however, what does this mean for the generation X employers?

Real Life Fall. Real Business Lesson.

Ever try to reach an objective, and then experience a sudden fall that causes you to doubt your ability to reach your goal? On a recent rock climbing trip in the Nevada desert this happened to me. Nearing the summit, all I needed to do was climb through the last section -the crux. Instead I […]

A Culture of Happiness

Traditionally, a lot of emphasis has been placed on employee satisfaction and engagement in the workplace, assuming that satisfied employees are simply content with their job, skills, abilities, and benefits and engaged employees feel connected to their work, co-workers, and boss. Although these two aspects are important for a positive culture in the workplace, they […]

Managing the Manager

Dealing with a bad boss can be a complicated situation for employees.  James Harter, a scientist for workplace management, concluded that 82% of the time companies do not select the right candidate for manager.  This increases the likelihood of employees dealing with difficult managers such as those who use intimidation, embarrassment, and fear to get […]

Can It Run Without You?

We’d like to thank everyone who turned out last week Thursday at the Hunt Valley Business Forum for our presentation, “Can It Run Without You? Building to Last”. We have uploaded the presentation for your keeping. Just click on the link below for the PDF. Can It Run Without You?

What Apple Learned About Creativity

This month’s column as published in SMART CEO Magazine: By Don Schmincke and Eric Miller  In 2010, IBM conducted the largest known sample of one-on-one CEO interviews, with more than 1,500 corporate heads and public sector leaders across 60 nations and 33 industries. In 2011, “The Conference Board” surveyed more than 799 executives. Both surveys were seeking an […]

Review, Measure, Bust Obstacles to Growth – Why Leaders Struggle

Leaders may struggle at times with accountability and how to measure performance as they face obstacles to growth. Why does this happen when there are so many tools available to assist leaders in their drive for profitable growth? Unless we are rigorous in reviewing and measuring, performance obstacles will be created.