Eric Miller brings 45 years of experience to the table. His fulfillment comes from collaborating with leaders to create an optimally functioning team. Nothing is more rewarding to him than to see all the pieces come together and watch a company GROW!

Prior to founding Smart Performance Strategies in 2004, Eric had a 22 year military career where he served in a command and senior staff assignments in Europe, Asia, and the United States. He commanded, led, and managed organizations in size from 40 to 2,000 personnel. Graduating from the US Army Airborne and Ranger Schools and the US Army’s Command and General Staff College gave him superb skills when it comes to knowing people and assessing what it takes to make an organization successful. Eric also is an avid mountain and rock climber. Helping people “get to the top” is part of his personal and professional life!


Eric typically works with the company leader(s) and possibly their direct reports to create an action plan. Initially, he uses an assessment process and then, depending on the emerging need(s), uses the following tools and processes to facilitate the achievement of desired outcomes:

  • The PXT Select assessment to measure performance fit
  • Customized Roadmap to operationalize the business plan into a one-page document to bring individuals, teams, divisions, and other human resource systems in sync
  • Leadership Report (based on the PXT Select) to analyze six leadership skills: creating a vision, ensuring results, being approachable, developing strategies, inspiring people, and mentoring others
  • A 360 Feedback assessment for the leader or key executives
  • A Team Report (based on the PXT Select) to measure how well the team works together.
  • Team Development workshops in offsite settings that enable teamwork and conflict resolution to emerge naturally
  • Culture survey that captures observed behavior vs. opinion
  • Guidance for brainstorming