Real Life Fall. Real Business Lesson.

Ever try to reach an objective, and then experience a sudden fall that causes you to doubt your ability to reach your goal? On a recent rock climbing trip in the Nevada desert this happened to me. Nearing the summit, all I needed to do was climb through the last section –the crux. Instead I […]

Channel the Warrior Sage over Spring Break

Hello to all from the middle of the Easter holiday, Passover, spring break, and the end of the 2012 first quarter! Regardless of what your are focusing on this week, I hope you have time to reflect on lessons from the past, personally, spiritually AND professionally. That is what my column in April’s edition of […]

Stop Chasing Phantom Prospects

If you have seen my newsletter or the February issue of Smart CEO, you know that I cannot quit talking about ghosts despite Halloween being long past! The reason is that as I investigate barriers to productivity for my clients, the same issue in the sales teams keeps rearing its ugly head. I call it […]

Hiring Smart in a Crowded Talent Pool

The economy’s recent uptick is sitting squarely on your back. The reduction in unemployment and the creation of new jobs is attributed to hiring by small to mid-size businesses. Proceed with caution. With the current unemployment rate, you can afford to be selective. Hiring decisions made by small to mid-sized companies can be particularly tricky […]