Smart Performance Strategies helped us deal with the big, hairy, brutal facts. You gave me the courage and the ammunition to be the BOSS and get our employees on the same track as the firm.

SPS Client Since 2008 Leadership Development

People and Their Behaviors Drive Business Success and Failure.

Smart Performance Strategies believes that leaders deserve to have a high-performing team and we help them to place the right people in the right seats doing the right things in an HR-compliant foundation.

Human Resources

Human Resources: The foundation for quality hiring, optimal performance, and effective leadership Smart HR is the key driver of business performance and needs to be involved in all three areas; hiring, performance and leadership. Our mission is to provide culture-focused human resources products and tools that are relevant, easy to use, and scalable, in order…

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Recruiting Services

Recruiting is a systematic process that begins the moment an opening is identified and does not end until the new hire is well on board. Following a recruitment plan and pairing it with a robust onboarding program is the best assurance for a successful hire. A carefully structured recruitment plan maps out the strategy for…

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Organizational Development

In today’s increasingly competitive and challenging business environment, organizations need to function more effectively and efficiently than ever before in order to achieve their strategic goals. With that objective in mind, SPS offers Organization Development Services to help companies plan, structure, lead, and control resources in order to dramatically improve their chances for sustainable growth.…

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Project Management

What is Project Management?  A Project may be defined as any temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to activities in order to meet project requirements. Organizations that effectively employ project management methodology greatly increase the chances of accomplishing the…

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The climb may be difficult but the rewards are great.

From the newest hire, to the CEO, we have the tools to ensure everyone is working at optimal performance.

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